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Peter Schade MPH, RS - Health Commissioner

Robert L. England MSOH, RS - Chief Environmental Public Health Officer

Shari Greene RN - Chief Health Planning Officer

Janet Mesenburg RN - Director of Public Health

Joseph Palmucci - Chief Financial Officer

Jeanie Wertenbach - Director of Community Health

Dr. Richard Visci DO - Medical Director

Craig Ward RS - Director of Enviromental Health

Heather Westcott RN - Director of Primary Care and Clinical Services

Trey Hardy - Chief Behavioral Health Officer

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Our Mission

"It shall be the purpose, function and goal of the Erie County General Health District to identify and plan the most effective use of health services and resources for the prevention of illness, promotion of health and the improvement of health status within the health district."

Our Vision

"To develop comprehensive public health services aimed to increase the quality of life for residents of the Erie County General Health District through programmatic evaluations, assessments and measurable outcomes."

Erie County Health Department Performance Goals

Administer the Health District
Monitor Health Status
Assure Safe and Healthy Environment
Promote Healthy Lifestyles
Address the Need for Personal Health Services
Protect People From Disease and Injury
Our Agency Core Values