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District Advisory Council

The purpose of the District Advisory Council is to elect its officers, appoint members to the Erie County Board of Health, receive and consider the annual or special report of the Erie County Health Department and make recommendations to the Erie County General Health District in regard to matters for the betterment of health and sanitation within the District, or for needed legislation.

The District Advisory Council membership consists of the President of the Erie County Board of Commissioners, the chief executive of each municipal corporation not constituting a city health district (mayors of cities and villages), and the chairperson of board of township trustees of each township in the Erie County General Health District of their designated representatives.

D. Rick Schaffter
Huron City Mayor

Eric Wobser
Sandusky City Manager

Eileen Bulan
Vermilion City Mayor

Barbara A. Wobser
Bay View Village Mayor

Carl Kamm
Berlin Heights Village Mayor

Robert Wolfbrandt
Castalia Village Mayor

Arden Cooper
Kelleys Island Village Mayor

Steve Rockwell
Milan Village Mayor

Jane Gildenmeister
Perkins Township Trustees

Mary Ann Lindsley
Margaretta Township Trustees

Misty Johannsen
Florence Township Trustees

Kathy Deehr
Berlin Township Trustees

Diane Adams
Huron Township Trustees

Brenda Zsebik
Vermilion Township Trustees

James Verbridge
Milan Township Trustees

Linda Jett
Groton Township Trustees

Phillip David
Oxford Township Trustees

Bill Monaghan
Erie County Board of Commissioners

The employees and administration of the Erie County Health Department extend their sincere appreciation to our Board of Health members and District Advisory Council members for their unparalleled dedication to public health and their concern for the quality of life of all Erie County citizens.