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Beach Monitoring Program

The main goal of all our efforts in the beach program is to provide Erie County residents and tourists with knowledge about beach water quality and also the potential risks associated with swimming when water quality is poor.  Our employees strive to ensure that unsafe swimming conditions are communicated to Erie County residents as quickly as possible and in doing so reduce the risk of unwanted illness in the swimming public.

The beach sampling season is from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Our Sanitarians Aides collect and analyze samples for the presence of E. coli bacteria, which is a good indicator of bathing water contamination and if present increase the risk of disease transmission to swimmers. All samples are processed and analyzed at the Erie County Health Department Water Laboratory. The results are reported in local newspapers, announced on local radio stations, posted on BeachGuard and also posted on our department's website.

2017 Results

06/21/17 Beach Results

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