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Manufactured Home Park Program

Sanitarians work with park owners and individual home owners within licensed parks to prevent conditions of overcrowding, which may lead to fire hazards. Inspections are conducted during installation of new homes to ensure that proper blocking and tie-downs standards are met. Solid waste collection and storage is also monitored to prevent nuisance conditions. Other areas of focus include monitoring the maintenance of physical facilities pertaining to water systems, sewage disposal systems, electrical and plumbing systems.

Revisions to Manufactured Home Park Code in 2007 recognized a new entity. The Ohio Manufactured Home Park Commission is now responsible for certifying local health department inspections processes and ensuring that new homes are installed on base support systems using prescribed methods, which are authorized by the Commission.

Licensed operators should be assured the Erie County Health Department is committed to ensuring that this transmission is conducted as smoothly as possible. Operators may contact us with issues regarding rule changes and feel confident that the Environmental Health Division will work with them to address their concerns, while continuing to protect the health and safety of those who live within their communities.

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