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Public Pool & Spa Program

The main focus of our time and energy is the elimination of conditions that may lead to injury or disease. Our inspectors focus on water clarity, proper function, design and installation of circulation equipment and the availability/accessibility of appropriate safety equipment. Water quality is another important parameter addressed during our inspections.

The proper balance of chemicals is tested during each inspection; to ensure that conditions are not present, which may promote the formation, growth and multiplication of disease causing micro-organisms.

Pool Training

The Ohio Public Swimming Pool, Spa, and Special Use Pool Rules require operating personnel to be trained in the operation of equipment, chemical usage and storage, on-site chemical testing procedures, and appropriate emergency procedures.

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Pool Regulations

Weekly Pool/Spa Operation Report

Equipment Replacement
Pool operators with existing pools and spas who are considering replacing equipment related to water filtration and disinfection may need to submit documentation to the Ohio Department of Health. The following alterations require an Equipment Replacement Form to be submitted to the Ohio Department of Health:

  • Replacement of a disinfection feeding device with a different method of delivery, reagent, or feed rate.
  • Replacement of a filter with a different size, filter media, or filtration rate.
  • Replacement of a pump with a different flow rate design, horsepower, or manufacturer.

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