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Private Water Program

Private Water Systems (PWS) are installed in Erie County for private residences where public water is not available to the homeowner. Typically, the source of water for a PWS in our health district is a drilled well or hauled water storage tank. Our primary focus in this program is to ensure that a safe or potable source of water is provided to the home. Our sanitarians perform site evaluations to make sure the PWS is the appropriate type and is placed in a location free from potential sources of surface water infiltration. Once the system is drilled or installed the sanitarian performs a physical inspection for design criteria and a water sample is collected for bacterial analysis.

When do I need to fill out an application for a Private Water System?

1) When installing a new private water system to a dwelling, dwelling unit, or accessory structure which will be used for potable water.
2) When replacing a private water system because of a failure, or because a different type of private water system is preferred.
3) When altering a private water system. This includes bringing a well up to grade, extension of the well casing, expanding the size of the system, replacing a pitless adapter, or adding continuous disinfection to an existing private water system (as defined by OAC 3701-28-01A).

Private Water System Application

Water Links:

Well Regulations
Instructions to Disinfect a Cistern, Hauled Water Storage Tank, or Well
Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Water Well Log Reports and On-line Search Tools
Licensed Erie County Water Haulers
List of Registered Private Water Contractors located in Ohio
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Completion Forms:

Cistern/Hauled Water Storage Tank Completion Form
Well-Pump Distribution Completion Form
Continuous Disinfection and Filtration System Form

Private Water Testing:

The Erie County Health Department does perform water testing for private water systems. This test only includes sampling for E. coli and coliform. The fee for this test is $80.00 per sample. Please contact the respective Registered Sanitarian below for more information.

Vermilion City, Vermilion Twp, Florence Twp, Berlin Twp, Huron Twp, and Milan Twp. -
Call Daryl Apple R.S. at 419-626-5623 ext. 124, or email at dapple@ecghd.org.

Perkins Twp, Oxford Twp, Margaretta Twp, Groton Twp, Bay View, and Castalia -
Call Mark Janowich at 419-626-5623 ext. 108, or email at mjanowich@ecghd.org.

Kelleys Island -
Call Craig Ward at 419-626-5623 ext. 118, or email at cward@ecghd.org.