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School Nursing Services

Mission Statement

The mission of the public health nurses of the Erie County Health Department in the school setting is to promote health and wellness to enhance the educational process by the following:

  • Protect all students and staff from disease and injury
  • Provide age appropriate, culturally and ethnically sensitive care
  • Assess and address the physical, emotional and psychological health status of the students and staff
  • Educate students, family/caregivers and staff about health and wellness practices and treatment modalities
  • Maintain and exceed local, state and federal expectations of school nursing
  • Secure and refer to appropriate community resources to provide continuity of care across settings and caregivers
  • Communicate and collaborate and coordinate personnel and resources effectively with administration, public health, school staff and professional colleagues
  • Assure a safe and healthy environment
  • Provide community wide health and wellness education
  • Provide leadership in development of health policies and programs in the schools
  • Provide leadership in development of plans to manage daily health of the students and staff
  • Utilize and manage information technology
  • Safe and effective delegation of basic first aid, medication administration and other delegable skills under the Nurse Practice Act of the state of Ohio

The presence of a competent and properly educated public health nurse opens the school doors to children previously denied.

Children must be healthy to learn.

The health status of children and their ability to learn are inextricably linked. School nurses are an integral part of the team who work to improve the well being of school aged children. Their goal is to promote healthy lifestyle, prevent spread of disease and injury, and educate students, faculty, staff, and families.

Erie County Health Department provides School Nursing services to:

  • Edison Local Schools
  • EHOVE Career Center
  • Huron City Schools
  • Huron St. Peter School
  • Kelleys Island School
  • Margaretta Local School
  • North Point Educational Service Center
  • Vermilion Local Schools

Erie County Health Department school nurses served students in more than 38,000 office visits during the 2009-2010 school year. In more than 95% percent of those cases, the student was able to return to class to continue his/her educational activities.